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Voles in Your Triad Home’s Yard?

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Often confused with moles or mice, voles are small rodents that live in grassy areas. They burrow tunnels under lawns, but also “runways” of surface level tunnels that are visible from above. Voles are herbivores and use these tunnels to attack the roots of plants as well as to live in.

At about six inches long, voles are one of the smaller rodents living in Winston-Salem, Greensboro, High Point, Burlington, Kernersville and the greater Triad. They are brown, and unlike moles, they do spend a significant part of their time above ground. What distinguishes them from mice is they have much shorter tails.

Problems Caused by Voles

The digging and tunneling are only one of the problems caused by voles. They also enjoy plants that homeowners may prize in gardens, farms and flower beds. Because they breed multiple times per year, a few voles can quickly grow into a problem that makes it impossible to maintain a garden and leaves unsightly tunnels across the property.

Removing Voles in the Triad

Properties across the Triad report having these problems with voles every year. It can be frustrating to see a beautiful lawn turned into a lumpy mess or a vegetable or flower garden destroyed because of voles.

Instead of attempting a solution found online, like pouring gasoline down the vole tunnels and lighting it on fire, contact Critter Control of the Triad. We have modern, humane methods for dealing with voles that will eliminate them from your property and keep them away.

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