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Dead Animal Removal in the Triad

There are few smells worse than a dead animal left to rot. It can take quite a long time for it to completely decompose, and even then the odor may linger for a while after. Deer that are hit by cars will often wander onto an adjacent property to die. They can go unnoticed until scavenger birds circle above or the smell becomes unbearable.

Even smaller animals like raccoons, opossums, and foxes cause strong odors as their carcasses decay. Critter Control of the Triad removes these animals professionally and works to remove the cause of the odors to bring relief to those living and working in the area. Greensboro, Winston-Salem, High Point, Kernersville, Burlington and other towns in the Triad region can rely on Critter Control of the Triad to provide this service quickly and thoroughly.

When the stench is outside, it’s hard enough to bear, but it is not uncommon for animals to die inside homes or businesses. Rodents living between walls or in an attic often die without the knowledge of those in the building. As the animal decays, the smell will get worse and worse. Crawl spaces are another area that animals can die, causing strong odors. Critter Control of the Triad are experts in pinpointing the location of the animal, removing it and eliminating the odors.

Do not live with a disgusting animal carcass rotting around you. It’s not healthy, and it can make enjoying your property impossible for you and anyone else on site. Give us a call so we can solve this for you immediately.

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Can I do it myself?

There are several deadly diseases carried by wild animals and they can remain viable for months. Avoid any contact with the animal’s body at all costs, and if you must, take precautionary steps by wearing rubber gloves and utilizing garbage bags for disposal.

How Do I Decontaminate After Removing The Animal?

In general using household bleach is an acceptable way to decontaminate after removing a dead animal. Mixing 1 parts bleach and 9 parts water will give you a mixture safe enough to use yourself while providing enough bacteria killing power to do the job. Keep in mind that you are at risk of inhaling fumes, and you have to be careful to wear gloves and face mask. In addition it is generally just gross to clean these messes up, which is why many choose to call an expert dead animal removal company such as Critter Control of the Triad.

What do I do after booking?

Make sure our technicians can access the area that contains the odor or dead animal. Then sit back and relax! Our North Carolina Certified Technicians will carefully and completely inspect your entire home or property and fix the odor and dead animal issue.

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Animal Removal

If you come into contact with a wild animal, the first step is always to contact your local wildlife service to remove the animal from the area or premises in a safe manner. Critter Control of the Triad uses responsible methods to remove all unwanted animals off of public and private property. In Greensboro, Winston-Salem, High Point and the Triad area, the most common issues with wildlife involve bats, squirrels, raccoons, opossums, birds, mice, rats, fox, woodchucks and insects like hornets and wasps.

Mice and Rat Removal Icon

Mice and Rat Control

Critter Control of the Triad provides continuous support for mice and rat problems. Our technicians will inspect your home and create a comprehensive re-baiting plan, should these rodents return in the future.

Damage Repair Icon

Damage Repair

Critter Control of the Triad will repair and fix any damage to your home or property that’s been caused by a wildlife annoyance. We will close potential entry points as well, ensuring animals cannot return to your property.

Animal Exclusion Icon

Animal Exclusion

The most important final step in resolving any issues with wildlife on your property is to prevent the animal from returning to your home or business location. Critter Control of the Triad’s Damage Repair Technicians can step in and set up barriers that will prevent animals from coming back to your yard, attic, house, or other areas around your home.

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Pest Control

Critter Control of the Triad offers several different ways to help customers remove pests such as yellow jackets, bees, wasps and hornets, from their homes or bunnies. In addition, we can schedule one-time or periodic appointments or recurring preventative precautions.

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Attic Repair and Protection

Wildlife can and often will do enormous damage to insulation your attic. Critter Control of the Triad’s expert staff will help you by replacing and repairing torn insulation in your attic area.

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Animal Cleanup

Wild animals are prone to leaving strong smells, odors and stains including feces, urine and decomposition. Critter Control of the Triad’s wildlife experts will work to leave your residence odor-free. We will even clean tough to reach places, such as crawl spaces and attic corners. Let us help!

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Commercial Animal Removal

Each one of Critter Control of the Triad’s full services are available for commercial & business clients like large warehouses, prisons, schools, and corporate locations. We specialize in projects big and small, all throughout the Greensboro, Durham and Cary areas in the Triangle.

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Multiple wildlife species tend to move in large numbers, such as wasps and bees and other insects. Critter Control of the Triad offers extermination packages and services to stop these swarming pests in their tracks.

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