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How To Identify Fox Problems

fox raleigh removal critter controlFoxes

The Triad area is home to two distinct species of foxes – the red fox and the grey fox. Despite their names, they are not immediately identifiable by their colors. Red foxes tend to be red, but can also be brown or grey. Grey foxes are often grey or brown, but can also be reddish in color.

Because of this, there are other signs to distinguish between them. The red fox is said to have “black boots” in that their feet and legs are black. Also, they have a longer snout and face in general. The grey fox often has more black mixed in with their coat but not concentrated on the feet. The grey fox has a small, almost cat-like face, which helps to identify it. There are coyotes in the area too, although this third canine species is quite a bit larger so should not be confused.

Problems Caused by Foxes

Foxes have a reputation for being sly, and generally, maintain this by staying out of sight. There are times where you may become aware of their presence and begin to see them as pests though.

Foxes do enjoy drainage pipes and crawl spaces as potential dens. It is not uncommon for an entire family of foxes to be found living underneath someone’s home. While foxes are not particularly aggressive when confronted away from their dens, they become incredibly territorial in these circumstances. This is even more likely if they are raising their young there. Their diet of garbage and small animals (including chickens, rabbit, and small pets) can also make them a nuisance.

Fox Removal in the Triad

Residents of Greensboro, High Point, Kernersville, Winston-Salem, Burlington and the surrounding areas can rely on Critter Control of the Triad to expertly and humanely remove foxes from their property. If there is an aggressive fox nearby, it can also be due to rabies, as foxes are known carriers of the disease. You should not approach an aggressive fox. Instead immediately call a professional animal control company like Critter Control of the Triad.

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