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How To Identify Skunk Problems

skunk raleigh removal critter controlSkunks

Skunks are striped, usually with black and white, and about the size of a cat. They are nocturnal omnivores and will hunt small animals like rodents, lizards, and insects, but will also eat plants. Although often confused for rodents or canines, they are in a separate family from both. Here in North Carolina’s Triad region, we do have skunks in urban, suburban and rural areas.

Problems Associated with Skunks

The most notorious problem associated with skunks is the strong smelling spray emitted from their anal gland. They can send this spray up to 10 feet away, and it is toxic enough to cause blindness in a human. Skunks reserve this spray for when they feel particularly threatened, but pets, children and even adults who take them by surprise are commonly hit with the spray.

Also, skunks can tear up gardens and destroy flower beds looking for food. Their choice of nesting areas may also include human structures, especially in crawl spaces and attics. A skunk can climb up the side of a home and enter the attic and make a home there unnoticed. When a human comes across a skunk, the skunk will stomp their feet if they feel threatened. This is a warning to respect. Back away slowly even if they are inside your residence.

Skunk Removal in the Triad

Those coming across a skunk should seek professional animal control assistance immediately. Being sprayed with a skunk’s spray is not only dangerous, but it can leave unpleasant smells for a very long time after the incident. Winston-Salem, Greensboro, High Point, Burlington, Kernersville and the surrounding areas can rely on Critter Control of the Triad to remove skunks in these sensitive situations. Do not take the risk of being sprayed. Call us so we can safely remove the skunk from your property.

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