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How To Identify Groundhog Problems

groundhog cary removalGroundhogs

Groundhog and woodchuck are just two names for a type of marmot or ground squirrel. In Winston-Salem, Greensboro, High Point, Burlington, Kernersville and the surrounding area, this large rodent is commonly seen and can at times become a pest.

Problems Caused by Groundhog Behavior

Groundhogs are a woodland creature and prefer to find areas with thick trees and brush. If you have a wooded yard, they may see it as a good potential habitat for them. The female groundhog gives birth to up to 12 young a year, so a couple of groundhogs can quickly become a large colony.

The problem behavior they are most known for is digging. They tunnel underground and hibernate there throughout the colder months. This can cause damage to the yard and lots of unsightly holes and uneven ground. When they are not underground, they will feed on plants like fruits, vegetables, and grasses, making them a frustrating presence around gardens.

Removal of Groundhogs in the Triad

The groundhog can leave a lawn full of tunnels, nest around patios and sheds, dig up and eat garden plants and otherwise make a nuisance of themselves. They are also carriers of disease, like many rodents, and therefore are not safe to have around children and pets.

Critter Control of the Triad is experienced in locating and eliminating groundhogs (or woodchucks if you prefer). We can also repair the damage that they cause to lawns, structures, and other areas. Let our wildlife technicians take a look for groundhogs on your property if you suspect their presence. Critter Control can not only eliminate their foothold on your land but also prevent them from returning with exclusion techniques.

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