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Squirrel Problems and Removal in Greensboro


It is unlikely anyone living in Winston-Salem, Greensboro, High Point, Burlington, Kernersville and the surrounding areas of the greater Triad is unfamiliar with squirrels. These bushy-tailed rodents are so ever-present we are unlikely to even raise an eye at them. Other rodents, like mice and rats, cause much greater alarm.

Squirrels are expert climbers, living, and nesting mostly on trees. They can jump between limbs and trees, using their sharp claws to dig into the bark. Their diet consists mainly of tree nuts, fruits, seeds, and plants, which is convenient considering their choice of habitats. Squirrels are technically omnivores, so they will eat meat and eggs on occasion (like insects, bird eggs, and frogs), but it is a much smaller part of their diet. The overwhelming majority of squirrels in the state are gray squirrels, but fox squirrels and two varieties of flying squirrels also have a presence in North Carolina.

Problems Caused by Squirrels

The presence of squirrels on a property does not automatically make them pests. Squirrels have done a good job of adapting to human urban environments in ways that do not always get in our way. They may just make their nests in trees, gather nuts and be otherwise sticking to their own business. On occasion though, squirrels can become a nuisance.

Because they are great climbers and look for nesting places high up, squirrels do find their way into attics. Once inside, squirrels will set up nests, destroy insulation, defecate and gather food into the space. Squirrels are dirty and carry multiple diseases.

Squirrel Removal in the Triad

If you suspect squirrels have gone from being a harmless part of your outdoor environment to an unwelcome guest in your attic, you should consider giving an animal control expert a call immediately. Critter Control of the Triad is a local animal control company experienced in removing all many of pests, including squirrels. Give us a call today if you squirrels are becoming a problem on your property.

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