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Muskrats Removal in Greensboro and Winston-Salem

muskrat raleigh nc creek pond waterMuskrats

Muskrats are a larger species of rodent found near water. They do have a presence in and around the Triad area, including Winston-Salem, Greensboro, High Point, Kernersville, Burlington and the surrounding areas.

They are often compared to beavers muskrats have similar behavior and are closely related. Muskrats are smaller than beavers though, and have a thinner tail, unlike the wide, flat beavertail. They have webbed hind feet and smaller, front feet that grip and dig.

Problems Caused by Muskrats

Muskrats do not cause as big of issues as their larger beaver cousins, but can still cause damage. They burrow into the side of river banks, dams, culverts and roads, inflicting significant structural damage. Muskrats also do not knock down trees or flood property with obstructing dams. Their burrowing is the main pest-like behavior they perform.

Muskrats also carry diseases though, and like most rodents, are unhygienic to be around. On occasion, muskrats have become aggressive if they are cornered, or their homes are imposed on.

Muskrat Removal in the Triad

Most property owners do not have to worry about muskrats. They are specifically aquatic creatures. If your land has a pond, creek, lake or another water source on it though, you do not want muskrats to burrow in the banks. Residents of the Triad who are experiencing problems with muskrats should call in a local animal control expert. Critter Control of the Triad is such an expert and can quickly eliminate muskrats from your property and exclude future trespasses from this large rodent.

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