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Removing Flying Squirrels From Your Greensboro Home & Yard

southern flying squirrel ralegh removalFlying Squirrels

People in the Triad of North Carolina are often surprised to learn that there may be flying squirrels in the area. In fact, two distinct species of flying squirrel make our state their home. The northern flying squirrel and the southern flying squirrel have overlapping habitats in North Carolina.

They are similar enough in appearance and behavior though to be described together. Both are much smaller than other species, like fox squirrels or gray squirrels. They also both nest in larger communities within trees. Despite their name, flying squirrels don’t have the ability to fly. Instead, they leap out of a tree and slowly glide down to the ground or another tree using their skin flaps between their limbs as a parachute-like tool.

Flying Squirrels as Pests

These species of squirrels are much less comfortable around people and therefore keep a greater distance. This is probably the reason most people never see them. Their preference for seclusion makes them a lower risk for pesky behavior than other rodents.

Flying squirrels will on occasion nest in a tree where a property owner would rather they not be. Even worse, some will nest in attics, chewing wires and making a mess of the insulation.

Removal of Flying Squirrels in the Triad

Residents of Winston-Salem, Greensboro, Kernersville, High Point, Burlington and the greater Triad can rely on Critter Control of the Triad to remove flying squirrels from an attic, or anywhere else they become an unwelcome presence.

While they are not as common of a site, flying squirrels can still cause damage and are still carriers of diseases that their rodent cousins carry. Do not attempt to remove them yourself. Wildlife technicians from Critter Control of the Triad can arrive quickly and will use the most up-to-date and humane strategies to remove them and exclude their future re-entry.

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