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Live Animal Removal in Greensboro

Even for the biggest animal-lovers, certain species are considered “pests” when on your property or in your home. These animals are treated humanely though since Critter Control of the Triad uses professional, modern animal control methods.

Insects are common household pests, especially cockroaches, ants, wasps, and yellow jackets. We remove these immediately from your home because they can cause damage to the home and some even will sting the inhabitants.

Small mammals are also common pests that may need to be removed. In Greensboro, Winston-Salem, High Point, Burlington and the Triad region you’ll see opossums, raccoons, bats, squirrels, foxes, rats, and mice. Animal removal of these species takes very different strategies than with insects and often they can be removed alive.

If you have ever laid in bed and heard a patter or a pitter or rustling above you, there is a good chance there are squirrels, raccoons or other types of pests in your attic. If you see bird droppings by a vent on your home, you might have a bird issue. Ultimately it can be dangerous and difficult to remove these animals, and that is why Critter Control of the Triad exists, to help you remove pests from your home and have peace of mind. Call us today for a quote!

Let us help you clean up after we remove the pests

Pests are bothersome for many reasons. One of the main problems is that they can leave a mess or even damage. Critter Control of the Triad provides Greensboro, Winston-Salem, High Point, Kernersville, Burlington and the greater Triad with animal cleanup services.

Animal carcasses leave horrible smells. Our professional products and strategies are effective in removing these smells and returning your property to its original state. Some animals deliver bad odors as a defense mechanism. Skunks are especially notorious for this. Other pests just leave bad odors behind as they make a home somewhere they shouldn’t and leave behind waste.

Critter Control Triad Fox in Cage

Critter Control Triad Worker with Squirrel

Do not approach wild animals alone

Give us a call immediately if you come across a wild animal that needs to be removed and we’ll act quickly. It is often not safe to attempt this by yourself, so do not to approach these animals, especially if they are acting aggressively.

Can I do it myself?

Wild animals can be extremely dangerous and should never be approached. Some carry disease, and others may even bite or sting. Animals of course can cause damage to your property as well. The sooner you call a professional the better.

What do I do after booking?

After booking our services, make sure that our Wildlife Technician will have access to where the animal is located (ex: attic, crawlspace, etc.). You can then sit back and relax. Our North Carolina Certified Wildlife Technicians will carefully inspect your entire home or property to determine what animals are living there, how they are entering, and what steps need to be taken to fix your animal control problem.

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Mice and Rat Removal Icon

Mice and Rat Control

Critter Control of the Triad provides continuous support for mice and rat problems. Our technicians will inspect your home and create a comprehensive re-baiting plan, should these rodents return in the future.

Damage Repair Icon

Damage Repair

Critter Control of the Triad will repair and fix any damage to your home or property that’s been caused by a wildlife annoyance. We will close potential entry points as well, ensuring animals cannot return to your property.

Animal Exclusion Icon

Animal Exclusion

The most important final step in resolving any issues with wildlife on your property is to prevent the animal from returning to your home or business location. Critter Control of the Triad’s Damage Repair Technicians can step in and set up barriers that will prevent animals from coming back to your yard, attic, house, or other areas around your home.

Pest Control Icon

Pest Control

Critter Control of the Triad offers several different ways to help customers remove pests such as yellow jackets, bees, wasps and hornets, from their homes or bunnies. In addition, we can schedule one-time or periodic appointments or recurring preventative precautions.

Attic Repair Icon

Attic Repair and Protection

Wildlife can and often will do enormous damage to insulation your attic. Critter Control of the Triad’s expert staff will help you by replacing and repairing torn insulation in your attic area.

Animal Cleanup Icon

Animal Cleanup

Wild animals are prone to leaving strong smells, odors and stains including feces, urine and decomposition. Critter Control of the Triad’s wildlife experts will work to leave your residence odor-free. We will even clean tough to reach places, such as crawl spaces and attic corners. Let us help!

Commercial Animal Removal Icon

Commercial Animal Removal

Each one of Critter Control of the Triad’s full services are available for commercial & business clients like large warehouses, prisons, schools, and corporate locations. We specialize in projects big and small, all throughout the Greensboro, Durham and Cary areas in the Triangle.

Extermination Icon


Multiple wildlife species tend to move in large numbers, such as wasps and bees and other insects. Critter Control of the Triad offers extermination packages and services to stop these swarming pests in their tracks.

Dead Animal Removal Icon

Dead Animal Removal

Critter Control of the Triad will efficiently remove any deceased animal from your property or household, such as deer, raccoons, and opossums, and many more.

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