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How To Identify Starling Problems

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The European Starling was brought over by a fan of William Shakespeare and released in Central Park in New York City. They were mentioned favorably in one of the English author’s plays, so he thought it would add a little class to the New York park. Instead, the starling multiplied to a population of over 200 million across North America and is now considered by many to be the most common pest bird species.

Starlings are pests because they move in very large flocks and descend on areas to eat and nest. Their droppings carry many infectious diseases, and when a large flock is in the area, the droppings can cover the ground beneath them. They are happy to fly and forage together with other common pest birds like sparrows, crows, and blackbirds.

Starling Removal in the Triad

The starling has made a home here as they have in most of North America. The Triad of North Carolina, including Winston-Salem, Greensboro, Kernersville, Burlington, High Point and beyond, have large starling populations. If you do not want them to use your property as a landing place, there are strategies that can be taken.

Starlings like to perch together in trees, so making it difficult for an entire flock to land together in one place is a strategy that many use to exclude starlings. This can be done by removing limbs among other methods. Removing sources of food is also an effective strategy. Critter Control of the Triad can implement these strategies and more advanced ones if necessary. Give us a call today if starlings are making a mess of your property.

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