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100% Organic & Pesticide Free Mosquito Prevention

Let’s face it, mosquitoes are a pain when you are trying to enjoy the outdoors. They ruin those beautiful evenings spent grilling and relaxing on your back deck, and they can ruin spending time playing with your kids in the yard. Mosquitoes can also carry harmful diseases, and the truth is being bitten is simply no fun. There are certainly steps you can take yourself to try and stem the tide of mosquitoes. Bug spray, zappers, candles and other hardware store remedies can certainly help, but if you are looking to truly remove and prevent mosquitoes you might want to call in the experts.

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Benefits of Mosquito Treatment

We use an organic product called Mosquito Barrier.  It is 99.3% garlic juice with some preservatives added to that.  It contains no poisons, no harmful chemicals so it’s safe for children, pets, bees and other non targeted insects. What are some other benefits of using our safe and effective mosquito treatments?

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Safe & Organic

Our “Mosquito Barrier”  is 99.3% garlic juice with a few added preservatives  It contains no poisons, no harmful chemicals and is safe for children, pets, bees and other non-targeted insects.

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Avoid Diseases

Reducing your mosquito population makes your home and property safer from the many nasty diseases spread by mosquitoes.

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Protect Your Pets

Bites from infected mosquitoes are the only cause of heartworms in dogs.  Our treatment also repels fleas and ticks. Protect the health of your pets!

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Enjoy Your Yard

Your property can be enjoyed more when mosquitoes are not present.. Get rid of the pesky pests and get back to enjoying your yard!

What Is Our Mosquito Treatment Process?

  • Mosquito season, depending on the outside temperatures, goes from April to October.
  • Treatments typically kill and deter mosquitoes for up to 3 weeks, though rainfall is a factor.
  • Our seasonal program will include the application of 10 treatments per season. Each treatment costs $62.
  • A credit card must be on file to charge the fee after we perform each service.
  • Seasonal customers are automatically scheduled every 3 weeks through the season.

Our Guarantee

If necessary, we will do one respray , during the season, at no additional charge in-between your normally scheduled treatments. If additional resprays are requested, the fee is $49. This guarantee is dependent on you being a seasonal customer, not a “one-time” or occasional customer. The guarantee is also conditional upon your cooperation in not having standing water in places such as used tires, bottles, cans, container lips, etc.

Mosquito Treatment in Greensboro & Winston-Salem

Mosquitoes can carry a variety of diseases such as West Nile Virus, Malaria and Zika. It is important to keep them at bay near your home.

Standing Water Mosquito Control

Mosquitoes lay their eggs on top of water, so finding and eliminating standing water on your property is key to long term prevention.

Grilling OUtdoors Without Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes can cause serious headaches when you are trying to enjoy the outdoors near your home, which is why many choose our safe and effective treatment to get rid of mosquitoes.

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